Thursday, July 28, 2011

A new beginning

To blog, or not to blog:  that is the (modern) question.

I've debated whether to create a blog for many months now.  I asked myself, will people take the time to read a blog if I take the time to write one?  I finally convinced myself that the answer is a qualified yes:  people will read something useful and concise, but not something long or overly cerebral. Pictures are a must, and the content should be approachable even for the infrequent visitor.  These conclusions guided me to create this particular blog.  

I spend a lot of time reflecting on life and culture...but this blog is not about those thoughts.  Instead, I will approach these subjects by sharing little bits of culinary knowledge, tasty recipes, and wine picks. Food and drink are at the core of culture, and meals shared together are the center of family life.

For good measure, I'll throw in some home improvement tips learned from our many DIY projects around the house.  The difference between putting paint on a wall and spreading frosting on a cake isn't as great as one might think.

I hope you'll find some inspiration in these pages, and that your family will enjoy the meals that make it from my kitchen to yours.  

Bon appetit!

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